Facts & Testimonials


I met Gilles several years ago, as the result of a referral from a colleague of mine. He had been treated by Gilles himself and we discussed the potential of success with Gilles also treating me for substance abuse. At that time I was not convinced I needed or wanted such treatment but thought it was worth exploring.

Here I am about three years later knowing if nothing else, I wanted a change in my life. Although skeptical, after just two sessions, I like the new person I am and appreciate immensely what Gilles has done to help me get back some form of control and normality.

~ Barry, London, ON

No cravings
No crankiness
and red is my new favourite colour!
Thank you for your gift of healing

~ Elisabeth, London, Ont

Hi Mr. Bernard. Its been about 18 months since you reconnected some wires for me.I dropped 77 lbs. Thanks for all the great tools you gave me to use. Keep up the good work. Grace and Peace to You and Yours.

~ Bill, Ontario

After trying several weight loss techniques over many years I’ve finally found success with hypnotherapy! After just a few sessions with Gilles I’ve lost 24lbs in a couple months and now feel confident and know that I am in control to continue and reach my goals without effort! Thanks so much for helping me realize and utilize my power & potential!

~ Sherri London, Ontario

I went to the Hypnotherapy Centre as I was having a lot of trouble with anxiety. I must preface by saying that I have tried all kinds of other therapies, but none of them quite worked for me. From my first email, to booking my appointments, to sitting down for my first initial session, I was treated with respect and professionalism. I knew immediately that I was in good hands. During my sessions, I felt amazing…more relaxed than I have ever felt in my life. It felt like I was only there for about 10 to 15 minutes, but in reality I had been there for one hour. I can recommend the Hypnotherapy Centre to you with no reservations or regrets…in fact, I have recommended it to several of my friends. It can and will have a huge impact on your life.

~ JB Sarnia, Ontario

Since attending the London Hypnotherapy Centre, my relationship with food has completely changed. I still can have stresses in my day, but I have no urge to eat more than my 3 meals a day. I’ve put myself as a priority, lost over 30 pounds already and I feel great!

~ Lynn London, Ontario

I went to see Gilles at London Hypnotherapy after winning a contest on FM96 to quit smoking. I have quit three times before and was hoping this would be it for me. I was hesitant, thinking how is this going to help me stop smoking. After sitting down with Gilles and talking about how the brain and sub conscious work I thought lets get this started. After the session I didn’t even crave a smoke. it has been two months that I am smoke free.

~ Colin, London

After many years of holding on to tension and stress, I was recommended to see Gilles Bernard at the London hypnotherapy centre. After 5 Hypnotherapy sessions, I remain calm and without tension. Sincerely recommend this avenue.

~ Debra .Colbourn London, ON


When I became pregnant with my 3rd child, I decided to have a home birth. This meant that there would be no epidural or pain relief available. I knew I would need something, so I tried hypnosis. I underwent six sessions and it helped me have an amazing birthing experience! Not only did it LARGELY reduce the pain, it helped me to stay calm and relaxed and able to let my body do what it was meant to do! Much gratitude to Gilles Bernard from the London hypnotherapy centre for teaching me this valuable life skill!

~ Amy Doucet London, ON

I have had a severe driving phobia for nearly ten years. It was so severe I hadn’t been behind the wheel since I was 16, and I am now 25. I went to see Gilles May 9 2012 hoping to address this fear. This past Tuesday, June 26 I passed my G2 driving test! I couldn’t have even imagined myself in this position two months ago. I feel completely relaxed and calm in a vehicle, and my driving has improved drastically over the past month and a half. Thanks to my session, I feel less anxiety overall in other aspects of my work and personal life as well. This was an overall life improving experience for me. I have recommended this therapy to numerous family members and friends.

~ Sara Smith London, ON

I was a pack a day smoker for 10 years, I tried to quit numerous times with no success. I decided to give hypnotherapy a try, so I went in for a double session and I’m happy to say I have not smoked since! Its now been four years!

~ Angie Doucette London, ON

I feel more in control of everything in my life thanks to Hypnotherapy, I recommend anyone to use it as an effective method of making positive changes in their lives.

~ Justin D London, ON

June 15th is 2 years of sobriety fo me
Thank You very much.
It works for me…

~ Claude Bugeaud London, ON

Over two years ago I decided to make an appointment with Gillies to help me deal with my anger issues so I could live a life with no meds to help me relax from severe panic attacks. I remember before my hypnosis appointments my life was one big roller coaster. I now live a life free of panic attacks that I thought would never ever stop. I can’t stress enough how thankful I am.

~ Christine Stone London, ON

Just wanted to give you a huge “THANK YOU” for the anchor you have given me – it has been a profound gift you have given me and it presents itself when I least expect it!

~ Suzanne Robinson London, ON

Sure I was a little sceptical at the beginning but came in very open minded about the potential result. Nothing less that spectacular you have helped give me my life back I am not really sure how this works and if you are not aware of triggers in your life you might not understand what and incredible transformation I have undergone.
Thank-You,Thank-you, Thank-you

~ Scott Patterson London, ON

My life with alcohol, especially over the last few years, has been a self destructive nightmare which I couldn’t get myself out of. Thanks to your help with hypnotherapy, that struggle is over and I am in control and have my own life back. I thank myself pretty much everyday for contacting you, it was a great decision and the best thing that I could have done to help myself.

~ Darlene, Blouin Waterloo, ON

I smoked a pack a day, every day, for almost 40 years. I tried every way I knew how to quit smoking. The longest I lasted was 2 weeks and always suffered withdrawal. I did a double session with Gilles, walked out the door, and haven’t had a smoke since. That was 15 months ago. WOOHOO!

~ Mike Couture Strathroy, ON

I had battled debilitating panic attacks for many years. After trying several different prescribed medications that resulted in a wide range of side affects, I decided on trying a “drug free” approach. I experienced a distinct improvement after my first hypnosis session, and after four sessions am free from the attacks altogether.

~ Jane McPherson Strathroy, ON

I attended the London Hypnotherapy Centre for 2 sessions and lost 25 lbs in three months effortlessly! I couldn’t be happier with the results! My friends and family are amazed by my new found will power and positive outlook.

~ Joanne, B London , ON


Here are just a few facts and professional opinions about the successful use of hypnosiss:

1. Sports

“For many years now the Olympic teams and Pro athletes have been using the tool of hypnosis to gain the mental edge on their opponents. Tiger Woods for golf, Wayne Gretzky for hockey and now amateur athletes are using hypnotherapy for the mental aspect of the game. It has been said competition at any competitive level is 80% mental and hypnosis is the key to mental success”.

2. Recovery from Surgery

Research by Carol Ginandes at Harvard Medical School showed that hypnosis increased the rate of recovery on patients who had undergone surgery. The research was compared to patients who received the same surgery but without hypnosis. Another study is cited where fractured ankles healed in 70% of the normal time when the patient used hypnosis. Again, this was compared to a control group under the same circumstances, but without hypnosis.
Cromie, W.J. (2003) Hypnosis Helps Healing. Harvard University Gazette, May 8th 2003.

3. General

Psychoanalysis: 38% after 600 sessions
Behavior Therapy: 72% after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy> 93% after 6 sessions
American Health Magazine

“Hypnosis may sound like magic, but we are now producing evidence showing it can be significantly therapeutic”, says David Spiegel a Standard University Psychologist

4. Quitting Smoking

After an exhaustive research project, New Scientist Magazine identified hypnosis as the most effective way to quit smoking.

5. Weight Loss

A dateline NBC
experiment on weight management indicates hypnotherapy was more successful than any other method.

6. Relieving Stress

For the treatment of stress, hypnosis has been called “the most potent non-pharmacological relaxing agent known to science” by Dr Gérard Sunnen of the New York University School of Medicine.